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Sharing Orb


“There is another kind of light, as inside you is another resource. Enourmous Love, she’s a sharing Orb of Water, we all call her our mother…mother.” It’s the words from a Bjork song, from a 7 EP album she released with a band called Dirty Projectors a few months ago. I’ve been livin on it. Super yummy. The words I quoted are from “Sharing Orb” and like to stick in my head when I’m crocheting, or clearing away the jungle on the land we live on. Finding the ability to know what we are capable of as humans comes from knowing the infinite source that is as much inside of us, as it is in everything around us. Love is not a joke, or an idea, or a concept, or a philosophy, it is truly the ability to accept, and in acceptance find the freedom that has been in our hands the whole time. Its simple enough for the sensitive, intuitive, passionate lovers of life that I find myself surrounded by on the Big Island, but I have to remember that it isn’t like this everywhere else. Global poverty exists and continues to exist as a small fraction of people control a large portion of the wealth. The laws that allow resources and dollars to be funneled from the people to the one’s making the laws in the first place are enacted in plain sight. Everyday there are people fighting to keep clean air and clean water a priority as big business buys more and more influence over congress. From tiny babies to outer space there is war being waged by people who already have so much. There are no machines doing this. There are only real, flesh, live people who operate the mechanisms that create these disparities. So I understand why it’s easy to just say hey, all I can do is what I can do. I’ll work, take care of the one’s I love, hopefully have some fun here and there, and be as good as I can to the people around me. I think that’s what the majority of us are trying to do, and we don’t really need to fear one another. The atrocities that are happening are happening only because we don’t choose to love one another. There will always be a very small group of clowns that try to control everything and take everything for themselves. They will always be there, and there will always be a large majority of people that only need to believe in themselves to create the kind of change that allows kindness and generosity to be the status quo rather than greed and calculated manipulation.

“There is another kind of light, as inside you is another resource. Enormous Love, She’s a sharing Orb of Water, we call call her our mother…mother” We can be there for our brothers and sisters, and we can be there for our Earth when we take the time to get to know ourselves. We have to see inside and know our potential. Start easy. Take the time to imagine energy running from the sky, right into your body through the top of your head, and right out of your stomach into whatever situation you want to send energy to. Imagine a person, a situation, whatever part of your life. Close your eyes, or keep em open, whatever is good to you. Just take the time to only imagine that. Try sending energy right out of the top of your head into the sky like a gigantic spray. Play with it. Energy is real and is in our hands to play with. There is no one way, there are only an infinite number of variations on our species that have an infinite number of ways to express their own uniqueness. We can connect everywhere to any point. There is a point of light that connects you to whatever it is you are looking for…housing, money, food, clothes, gas, car, that’s the easy stuff. When we start connecting ourselves to those points within the physical we can begin connecting ourselves to the points that bring the real healing, the real wonder, the real parts of ourselves, that, as they unfold, show the depths of our authenticity, and what a truly remarkable ride getting to know oneself can be. So I close my eyes, and I imagine myself connected to whatever it is I might be needing. Right now, I’ve been connecting myself to my little guys. I close my eyes, and I imagine an infinite number of data points, tiny points of light that are everywhere and stretching out in every direction, and one of those points is the point that connects me to my babies. So in vibing and searching eventually i’ll find the data point, I’ll know cuz it will hum, and everything will stop moving, and then I can take the time to connect the point of light from my third eye to the data point. The less internal conversation the easier it is just to focus on making that light strong. Everything is everywhere beautiful people. So lets share how we play with energy and what we’ve done with our energy so that each of us can know how truly amazing humans are. We’re gonna need to share with one another and learn a lot more  if we’re gonna take on things like global poverty and environmental threats.

And with all of our physical requirements, kids or no kids, we find it difficult at times to carry the type of enthusiasm that encourages you to play with energy in the first place. Its all around us (especially out here) and whenever we need a little motivation please, just look around. Every single leaf and tree and cloud and breeze and bird is whispering, speaking, shouting, and screaming and humming in the most sacred way. The flowers in the picture Robbie took look like dolphins to me. Love is real, lets keep on playin music, writing, performing…DON’T FORGET THIS WEEKEND IS “SHE…ON THE TIP OF HER TONGUE” a group of women who will be performing June 3rd and 4th 7pm at the Pahoa Museum, tickets are $10 and it’s going to be an amazing event. These sisters are real inspiration and have gotten me off my ass doing a lot more since I’ve met them so I can’t wait to see what they’ve put together. Robbie does the photo’s and is performing a couple of pieces. Sol, Noa, Amber Ray, Jewels, Junnifer, Kahalay, Sarah, and Iris Eve. These women are local artists who have dedicated a ton of time to putting this together while maintaining their lives as mothers, spouse’s, and friends. These types of collaborations are exactly what I’m talkin about, and I can’t wait to see and here more from the mainland about playing with energy and moving these types of collectives forward.

You can see me every wednesday at Uncle’s Ava Bar in Kalapana. All artists are welcome and encouraged to play. We like to do freestyle’s, fresh jams, keep it alive and always new. LOVE ON EVERY STATION!

When does it all end???

This weekend has been hilarious! Not only have we had an extreme faction of christians attempt to bamboozle the same people that make our society less tolerable, but we’ve had the fallout of completely ignorant people be completely wrong. The same people that have been voting against gay marriage, demanding welfare cuts, giving away tax dollars to corporations, and putting down teachers as incompetent now get to stew in their own creation. Guess what, the world isn’t going away tomorrow, there is no magic elevator to the heavens, and yer gonna have to be stuck with what you created. HILARIOUS! Now, that apply’s to every single one of us. No one of us is perfect or we’d have our own universe. Our own centrally themed existence that revolves around our specific person. For me, there is no RICARDOVERSE, for you, there is no SOMEBODYELSEVERSE. So we are all going to be wrong. The genius of these clowns who predicted THE END is that they were business savvy. Capitalists at heart. They bought billboards from coast to coast, they hired minions to spread the word, and convinced others to work for free because they were doing “GOD’S WORK.” Since we live in a society that has openly embraced free-capitalism, you know, the whole market regulates itself crap, then, what these Doom Predictors did was nothing short of North American Genius. The ability to provide a supply and demand. Simple economics. Here is my point. I can laugh at these clowns because they obviously had no idea about what is really happening, or I can blame the very systems that allow these clowns to exist. We are presented with decisions in our own life when we have to choose between the physical and the spiritual. It happens constantly. It’s part of Life’s jokes. I should take this job, but they want me to cut my hair. I should spend money on this artistic project, but my kids need to eat. Whether you are a mother or a father or a son or a daughter we are presented with these dilemmas between the physical and spiritual in our daily lives. So here are these clowns, who convince a bunch of people the world is ending and then reap in the donations that people are making (because they think life is ending on May 21st) and then ride off into the next day, spreading the next bit of religious propaganda. Which is OKAY! They have the right to do that as long as we are living in a society that embraces free market economy as the be all, end all, way to live. They are playing the game the way they were taught. No harm, no foul. Supply and demand, and if you are the one that created the demand…EVEN BETTER! Now, stay with me, cuz we’re gettin into the real deal Holyfield (no pun intended).

Love matters. It does. Don’t tell me you don’t care about Love cuz then I know yer lying. What? If you have enough resources Love doesn’t matter. Fuck you, yer lying. So let’s agree that Love matters. Let’s also agree that protection matters. Because Love matters you don’t want what you love, others and yerself included, screwed over by some clown who is only trying to create economic wealth for the one’s they Love. So if Love matters, and Protection matters where do we find our lines. We find our lines through our experiences. Through our parents, and friends, and the places we’ve lived, and the things we’ve done, and we say okay….I’ll Love this person because….and I’ll do this for this person because…and I’ll close myself off to this person because…and I’ll say that these things are necessary to protect us because…. and what we decide is born of our own experience….SO. If we walk in our SNOWFLAKE shoe’s…you know, shoes that can never be recreated because they are uniquely ours, then where we decide to lay down our LOVE/PROTECTION line is uniquely our own. So that means there are an infinite number of realities that are living in the same physical plane attempting to co-exist with one another. IT’S GOING TO BE HARD. I love my partner and it’s hard for us to co-exist sometimes, even if we do know that we Love each other, and we’re not responsible for separate nations. It would be important to remember the power of LOVE when we put forward our snowflake experiences as we learn how to LOVE and PROTECT at the same time.

So we find ways to create. We look to nature to guide us in what is our own authenticity. How to Love and how to protect, just like nature does. Robbie and I have found ourselves going through these exact questions. Coming to terms with out connection to humanity, through our connection with one another, through our understandings of ourselves personally. So when someone says the world is ending, and people believe it, and its okay because of the society we have created based on a free-market economy, are we then just a product of the world around us, or capable beings who can shape the world around us. Which brings us to the protests. Beautiful examples of people coming together, and governments killing people who come together. Different ideas about Love and Protection, but whoever is in power, and whoever has the most weapons wins? I don’t think it’s this simple, and if there was an answer to all of this then life would be dead. It would be a finite experience. So, based on my tiny little understanding of my tiny little existence I offer only this. There are an infinite number of data points. Whatever the thinker thinks the thinker proves (credit Robert Antoine Wilson for that nugget) and so we can go around trying to prove whatever we think, because if we’re “smart” enough it’s possible. There are an infinite number of data points to back up whatever you may think. Or, we can come at this life like children. With no preconceived notions, simply experiencing the moment as it presents itself. In this understanding there is genuine joy as you do it, genuine Love as you do it, genuine understanding as you stop trying to prove what you think, and understand what is simply in front of you. Don’t get me wrong, there are still gonna be a bunch of clowns out there, telling people the world is going to end, and killing protesters just to hang on to power, but real change will never happen until we begin to understand the authenticity of our own being. That can only happen when we are willing to accept the moment as we exist, however it comes, with the internal dialogue turned off and the willingness to experience turned up FULL VOLUME. You Just Love!

Inside Everything We Love

 Aloha brothers and sisters. Love is happening at all times. Every time we try to forget this Life comes screaming back in one way or another to remind us all that we’re connected. A good friend of ours, Kirk, was recently invited to be a part of the annual Merry Monarch parade here on the Big Island, and so Robbie took some pics, I kicked it in the sun, and we got to soak in one of the most beautiful expressions of Hawaiian culture on a mainstream level. Living here for the last year has been a dream, and for most, seeing the local culture represented through the dance and song of a parade would be enough, but there’s always the undercurrent of our experience. While the parade was nice, and turned us on to some right on things we hadn’t witnessed, it’s nothing like the actuality of our experience with this island. From the moment we got here we were thrown into the mix, forced to be honest with our intentions and ourselves, and never at a loss for an adventure that would uncover the authenticity of our being. One thing we have learned since living on the island, WE ARE UNIQUE INDIVIDUALS!!!! What we can do now, can never, and will never, be done again. So get to know the authenticity of your being. Get to know what it is that only you can bring to the table. The more you trust in that, the more you find the blessings that have always been there in the first place. On Cinco De Mayo we hitchiked to Kona so I could play a show and ended up hitchhiking all the way around the island for the first time since we’ve been here. We finally made the circle  that we had been talking about for awhile. We had a great time and discussed what it meant to find our new home. We’ve been living on Sumland since October of  last year, which was awesome, and taught us a lot, and helped us grow, but it was time to find the space for us to do what we wanted. Grow our own gardens, take care of some sweet land, and find the space where we can raise a family. We wanted more than just a kick ass community, we wanted a space that we could grow in, be a part of, and send love. The day we posted our ad to craigslist, looking for a solar powered, self-sustained caretaking job that required our skills and had the right kind of housing we received our response. We hooked up on a 30 foot yert that’s big enough for us to grow, and has land that is righteous enough to cultivate. LOVE LOVE LOVE. We were so happy to move in, and talked about what this new opportunity meant for us as we hitchiked around the southern point of the island on our way back home. The rides were kind, the view was magnificent, and we thanked life for our blessings…the next step was a car. We meditated on the space that we knew existed (since everything is everywhere and our connections to what we need our infinite) and knew that a car was next…you know…house, car, kids…just doin it like everyone else right! I’ve been playin music a lot lately around Hilo and Pahoa and ended up running into a beautiful brother named steve who was leaving for the mainland. He liked our vibe, hooked us up with his car before he left to head back, and helped us find the next piece of the puzzle.

We hung out with Steve in Kona before he left and had a great time. I gave readings, he played music, Robbie sold hats and we vibed with our brother before he left the island. Anytime right on brothers and sisters find this place its hard to leave, but we all have to do what’s right to us. I’m sure we’ll see him back soon. We were kickin it at the harbor before we went to the airport and ran into this super old turtle (check out the barnacles) that came up for air three times while we watched him/her swim between the boats. I’ve never seen a turtle come up for air like that it definitely felt like a blessing for all of us. After we dropped off Steve at the airport in Kona we still had a long ride back. Luckily yesterday was the full moon and we had plenty of energy to keep us company as we drove back in our new car (which we’ve named Luna). We took pictures near southpoint under an amazing sky and eventually ran into a new plum of Pele. Apparently the lava started flowing again last night and we caught some of the new eruptions that always are makin new land! Full moon lava on the way home…wow.
Just check out the pictures…They’re always better than the words 🙂 YOU JUST LOVE!

Moon Medicine

We were invited to an amazing show at Uncle Roberts Ava Bar. Medicine For the People, Ricardo, and Iris Eve were going to play. A ton of people showed up to see Nahko, the singer for Medicine For the People. Ricardo opened the main act with a powerful spoken word and the audience was great. The moon was  full and we walked on the lava at Kalapana, it was a beautiful night.


SHE…on the tip of her tongue

SHE… on the tip of her tongue

The Pahoa Village Museum
Pahoa, HI

Talented island women are coming together to
bring a message of healing and hope to the
people, and it couldn’t have come too soon.
“SHE…on the tip of her tongue” features a
diverse group of women, unifying their
voices, into one that speaks on behalf of the
earth and the elements.

They present this ho’okupu (offering) to the
aina (earth) in the form of song, dance,
spoken word, visual art, ritual and theater,
with the hope that, like a seed into tree,
these roots will grow.

Concieved of and directed by local
singer/songwriter Iris Eve, “SHE” is also a
platform for local female artists to connect
and network their talents, giving them all a
focus and creative outlet.

Intended to be an on-going, 4 time a year
event, “SHE” will be featuring different
female artists each time.
From  music, poetry, dance and theater, to
the photography, visual art and marketing of
the performance, this is a completley new and
exciting way for women to work together with
a common vision while creating an event that
benefits everyone involved,  from the
performers, to the venues, to the audience.

The opening performances of “SHE” will be at
Pahoa Village Museum on June 3 & 4 and will
be featuring: Jewels Ahl, Amberay of Light,
Robbie Ashburn Burch, Junipher, Sarah
Milcarek, Noa Makoche, SoLShine, Kaahele and
Iris Eve.
Tickets are $10 or $15 at the door. Space is
limited to 100 people per night.

“SHE” will be accepting submissions for the
next performance on beginning July 15th.
Music, theater, spoken word, dance,
photography, and visual art may be submitted
to irisevejah@yahoo.com.
Venues or anyone else wishing to participate
can contact Iris Eve for more information.

Iris Eve

Spicy Kim Chi

This batch of Kim Chi was too spicy for me, but i blessed it up, made it anyway, and hoped for the best. Ricardo could not stop eating it. Its Kim Chi medicine.

1 head purple cabbage, chopped fine

1 head napa cabbage, chopped fine

1 small onion

2 small beats

2  green onions

3 or 4  raddishes

3 cloves garlic

piece of tumeric

piece of ginger


apple cider vinegar

Finger lights!

So we used to live on this beautiful community called Sumland. Its full of family, happy kids, sweet jungle huts, crazy pot lucks, animals, laughter, and awesome nature. So Zen is the youngest Sumlander, he just turned 1 a few weeks ago and we had a little party for him. All of the kids were hanging out and they all had these finger lights you can buy at the dollar kine so we took a few light painting pictures for Zens birthday.