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SHE… on the tip of her tongue

The Pahoa Village Museum
Pahoa, HI

Talented island women are coming together to
bring a message of healing and hope to the
people, and it couldn’t have come too soon.
“SHE…on the tip of her tongue” features a
diverse group of women, unifying their
voices, into one that speaks on behalf of the
earth and the elements.

They present this ho’okupu (offering) to the
aina (earth) in the form of song, dance,
spoken word, visual art, ritual and theater,
with the hope that, like a seed into tree,
these roots will grow.

Concieved of and directed by local
singer/songwriter Iris Eve, “SHE” is also a
platform for local female artists to connect
and network their talents, giving them all a
focus and creative outlet.

Intended to be an on-going, 4 time a year
event, “SHE” will be featuring different
female artists each time.
From  music, poetry, dance and theater, to
the photography, visual art and marketing of
the performance, this is a completley new and
exciting way for women to work together with
a common vision while creating an event that
benefits everyone involved,  from the
performers, to the venues, to the audience.

The opening performances of “SHE” will be at
Pahoa Village Museum on June 3 & 4 and will
be featuring: Jewels Ahl, Amberay of Light,
Robbie Ashburn Burch, Junipher, Sarah
Milcarek, Noa Makoche, SoLShine, Kaahele and
Iris Eve.
Tickets are $10 or $15 at the door. Space is
limited to 100 people per night.

“SHE” will be accepting submissions for the
next performance on beginning July 15th.
Music, theater, spoken word, dance,
photography, and visual art may be submitted
to irisevejah@yahoo.com.
Venues or anyone else wishing to participate
can contact Iris Eve for more information.

Iris Eve


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