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 Aloha brothers and sisters. Love is happening at all times. Every time we try to forget this Life comes screaming back in one way or another to remind us all that we’re connected. A good friend of ours, Kirk, was recently invited to be a part of the annual Merry Monarch parade here on the Big Island, and so Robbie took some pics, I kicked it in the sun, and we got to soak in one of the most beautiful expressions of Hawaiian culture on a mainstream level. Living here for the last year has been a dream, and for most, seeing the local culture represented through the dance and song of a parade would be enough, but there’s always the undercurrent of our experience. While the parade was nice, and turned us on to some right on things we hadn’t witnessed, it’s nothing like the actuality of our experience with this island. From the moment we got here we were thrown into the mix, forced to be honest with our intentions and ourselves, and never at a loss for an adventure that would uncover the authenticity of our being. One thing we have learned since living on the island, WE ARE UNIQUE INDIVIDUALS!!!! What we can do now, can never, and will never, be done again. So get to know the authenticity of your being. Get to know what it is that only you can bring to the table. The more you trust in that, the more you find the blessings that have always been there in the first place. On Cinco De Mayo we hitchiked to Kona so I could play a show and ended up hitchhiking all the way around the island for the first time since we’ve been here. We finally made the circle  that we had been talking about for awhile. We had a great time and discussed what it meant to find our new home. We’ve been living on Sumland since October of  last year, which was awesome, and taught us a lot, and helped us grow, but it was time to find the space for us to do what we wanted. Grow our own gardens, take care of some sweet land, and find the space where we can raise a family. We wanted more than just a kick ass community, we wanted a space that we could grow in, be a part of, and send love. The day we posted our ad to craigslist, looking for a solar powered, self-sustained caretaking job that required our skills and had the right kind of housing we received our response. We hooked up on a 30 foot yert that’s big enough for us to grow, and has land that is righteous enough to cultivate. LOVE LOVE LOVE. We were so happy to move in, and talked about what this new opportunity meant for us as we hitchiked around the southern point of the island on our way back home. The rides were kind, the view was magnificent, and we thanked life for our blessings…the next step was a car. We meditated on the space that we knew existed (since everything is everywhere and our connections to what we need our infinite) and knew that a car was next…you know…house, car, kids…just doin it like everyone else right! I’ve been playin music a lot lately around Hilo and Pahoa and ended up running into a beautiful brother named steve who was leaving for the mainland. He liked our vibe, hooked us up with his car before he left to head back, and helped us find the next piece of the puzzle.

We hung out with Steve in Kona before he left and had a great time. I gave readings, he played music, Robbie sold hats and we vibed with our brother before he left the island. Anytime right on brothers and sisters find this place its hard to leave, but we all have to do what’s right to us. I’m sure we’ll see him back soon. We were kickin it at the harbor before we went to the airport and ran into this super old turtle (check out the barnacles) that came up for air three times while we watched him/her swim between the boats. I’ve never seen a turtle come up for air like that it definitely felt like a blessing for all of us. After we dropped off Steve at the airport in Kona we still had a long ride back. Luckily yesterday was the full moon and we had plenty of energy to keep us company as we drove back in our new car (which we’ve named Luna). We took pictures near southpoint under an amazing sky and eventually ran into a new plum of Pele. Apparently the lava started flowing again last night and we caught some of the new eruptions that always are makin new land! Full moon lava on the way home…wow.
Just check out the pictures…They’re always better than the words 🙂 YOU JUST LOVE!


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