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Yellow is joy.










The fifth dimension reveals my second attention.

Light attaches to me

to you

from the source.











The tree light,

all fresh and shuddering

falls on your lovely face.











That light in your happy eyes,

that light in your throat chakra,

spilling onto every cell of life.








Nourish the growth, let the light nourish your growth.







When the light seeps out of that beautiful mouth of yours,

nothing is safe, the dark is abundant and never safe,

the dark is so sacred that only light may touch it,

enter it, nourish the growth.










These connections web and web

and they nourish the growth of our light.








Feel the points blinding your heart with love.

Feel the cords hold everything in an embrace so sweet reality disappears.








Living in a dream,

when everythings a dream,

theres no waking up.

Now is the time to use our dreaming eyes to see ourselves real.










Open your dreaming eyes and nourish your growth with the truth.

See the lights, see the lights of truth in the center of your being.







your second attention is open and spilling onto me,

soak me the the radiance of your dream,

nourish my growth.

My second attention is open and spilling onto you,

soak you in the radiance of my dream,

nourish your growth.



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