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All of the layers of the Ocean surround me

Deaf to my own voice

except the Earth sounds

in my chest.

Pressure expands

deep waves

carry the vibrations of

creation and silence.

My tears are the air I breath

inside me is the Ocean

and I cry it out of my open space eyes

and volcano mouth.

That hot Earth core has been cooking in my rib cage

far too long

and I am cracking my stones open

to flow.

Hollow illusions of steady ground

under the water in my lovely head

full of stars

and the Moon’s instruction.

There is no compass to guide me

but my body knows the way

because Pele is my sholder

as I face the land.

The rock is breaking my fingers to the bone

and my blood is just the lava

making new land in my Sea.

And when my body is the whole Earth

I love the terrain of my skin

and the tectonic grumbling in my tummy.

And when my body is the Universe

I make love to the sky

and all of the planets spin at their own pace.

All of me is growth and ebbing tides

and waiting is out of the question

the great Sun Star is my center

the water surrounds me as I float.

Down in that dark space

my muscles remember how to relax

the fluid of my joints moves my body effortlessly.

And I will turn this Earth to glass

so you must ask for every step

until you learn how to swim through me.

I shed parts of my self

to reveal roots I’ve forgotton

and spill the light in every space of me

so the shadows know how dark they are

and draw power from even deeper sources.

My legs are not more than fins to carry me home

and my fingers can feel every surface of every thing

through the Great Connection.

I was pushed upon this shore

Momma Ocean will snatch me back

if I stand too close in an open way

don’t let me go home yet

not until you’ve had your fill

of my sky

and this body of Earth.




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