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Archive for May, 2012

greening of the soul

the heartbeat of a leaf

the greening of the soul

moves my mouth open for

another sip of rain

when the cells smash

when they merge and have form

my fingers move like mountains

to touch my own new buds

and this super moon

fills my big eyes

and my stones are cleared and full

we can’t move

until the right breath is exhaled

in the right way

with your lips forming sounds

motion over me

to connect this moment

to its lesson

and our love

and the clouds sweep in to block unreal light

so real horns are tossed and hoofs stomp

the dream light radiates again

and you can’t see my mask in this reality

my sweet mirror

is that why i love you so much

when that moon pours into your silver face

i am just you

the deep currents pull the fibers close

pull them tight

so we can see the One

and know the One

in this moment

the tree above me can talk

throwing seeds at me

just being in paradise

holding up the bird’s song

lifting me up to see the long view

the love pushes into me from the ocean

and the sky

and the earth

and the air that is you.

Ohmdala Gardens!