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Soak it in…more magic from the farm

Onion Flower, Allium

Blue crystal vibration

stimulates the north node

Mars, She said you are the oldest circle

Onions going to seed

Virgo herbs

to fortify the body



grounds you

Your just a Magnesium Gem

Mullein (Verbascum Thapsus)


Heart of a Lion

Venus Chants

and Planetary correspondence

Different kind of Wheat

Pulsing line drawn in sand

shared with love

minds bend to make alive

Spiral of Life transformed

Some type of Wheat (Triticum Sativum)

Red is life Orange is energy Yellow is intellect Green is the harmony and sympathy Indigo is intuition Violet is spirituality.

Corn tassel flower and anther

Some type of Indian/Rainbow Corn (maize)

Solar Dehydrator


Sweet Dairy Cow


The energy grows…

Onions going to seed


The Color Song

We wrote this song, he is so so cute!!!

Farm Blessings.

Inspired by the farm…

Here are some shots from the amazing farm i am staying at while i am in Washington. I will post more about it soon, I happen to be very worn out right now after a full day of learning to chicken harvest. I have learned so much, it was a huge energy transfer, time flew and i did not realize how hungry and tired I would be! I think it might be almost bed time. Maybe some peppermint tea would help…



Trampoline at the Lilly Lounge


this was my first time lapse video (well the second, but the first ever one was too short), i lived at this house called the Lilly Lounge with a bunch of beautiful people in Ballingham WA. The music was made by Mackamill and Tony of Zapnow Records. i cant wait to start making more videos…if anyone has any tips on what software to use please share with me! MAHALO!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Growth

Hapu Fern…GROWING.