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Big love to my family!!!

my little brother on the ferry

My brother and I decided we needed an adventure! I had heard about a Rainbow Gathering in Canada and that seemed like the perfect escape from Babylon…

dad style.

We got a ferry to Vancouver Island and headed north, to Nimpkish Lake.

Hitchin outside of Sayward

We hitched until it was almost dark and we got picked up by some loggers, they were AWESOME! They showed us some streams and a beautiful spot to watch whales, they taught us about trees and logs and sidewinders and bears and showed us the best camping spots. We got to see a Blessed temple log (perfect white ceder) and got us right to the trail we had to find in the morning. We would have been lost with out them…super lost, bear poop everywhere, real woods.

Ole Ku Kolu

Hippy loggers

Log grabber

Logs with knots

Logs pushed around with sidewinders







So we hiked and hiked and hiked and saw the biggest mushroom we have ever seen, crazy slugs and moss and huge trees. We ate amazing huckleberries and wild blackberries, we waded through a freezing river, we hiked so long we almost doubted ourselves, almost got scared, and than we would see a foot print in the moss, or the trees would whisper at us to keep going…

we finally made it to a beach and there were more foot prints in the sand, and around the corner we found our people, it was magical!

a second generation logged forrest

Wild blackberry

Real Trees

My love, my trees.

Magic Moss

yoga on the beach with my tribe

Cooking together, making fire, crystal hunting, hugs and readings, trades and blue vibration crystal activation! (Panda girl! your crystals are healing the earth in waters  all over the place!!!) Big love big love big love to my family.

Nook Shook

Thank you for our food!

Alter for our Momma

spiral of life

Spicy Magic Tea

Sweet Family

We took a canoe across the lake a few days later, there was a camp ground and highway access on the other side, and we had to get back with my friends tent. It was an epic trip, we talked to the birds and worked together and made it out in one day. We got to Vancouver that night on the last ferry, it was perfect!


camp from across the lake

Nook Shook on the other side

Climbing down a rope to get out to the highway


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