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Saturn Return…BLESS

Feb 20th was my birthday, I turned 28. Starting my Saturn Return pregnant, moving across the ocean, madly in love, full of the tides and the moon and Pele’s blessing. We are excited to start this new chapter, to be with family, and receive multitudes of beautiful blessed abundance. I am so grateful to my amazing Island family, I have been blessed by you, received so much knowledge and strength, and experienced truly otherworldly things with you. I will carry the love and ALOHA with me always. I cant thank you all enough, my sweet brothers and sisters. The Aina will call us back, and I will see you again. My sweet Pele sister…my love for you cannot be expressed. Thank you for a beautiful last night with you, thank you for stealing all the tarot cards at the beach, thank you for bringing me and my Love together in the strongest ways. MAHALO

Aloha Ke Akua

Bird Woman

Bird Woman


yummy birthday smells

yummy birthday smells

The ocean gave this ONE card back to us. LOVE.

The ocean gave this ONE card back to us. LOVE.



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