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Jesus and the Brothers


(‘Get a hair cut!’ ‘Get a soul!’)

-But they don’t know

Pushing them into a wall will not teach them anything.



3:43pm Take Two

…where you want to put your energy . 3 cups on the ground . Turn around . See the balance it brought . 5,5 . This union has a lot to do with family . Here you are, tryin to work on bein positive . Who is there and who is not ? A way to see what your capable of . Its justice (justus) . Its a big deal . 5,5,5 . Change . What do I let go of . What do I embrace . You want to complete things on your own terms . Yeah . How do I stay positive ? How do I know whos real ? How do I bring it home ? Understand the conclusion . 5,5,5,5 . You don’t have all the answers . A whole new beginning . You have to do what you have to do . To get things done . You have to trust . In life or God . Love everyone around you . Love yourself . So spot on.

OB Feb 16th 2014

cards1 Jesus and the Brothers 1 Jesus and the Brothers 2

Heart Sun-glasses

You are looking at your life in a love-fucking space ! Your coming from a loving space . You trust in action ! You figured some shit out . Your doing everything you want in your home space ! That’s a great foundation! There’s not just one person *cute smile* . You are loving yourself right now . Doing what you want to do . That’s a worldly perspective . Trusting in your ideas . Good Shit.

OB Feb. 16th 2014 3:12pm

Heart Sun-Glasses1 Heart Sun-Glasses2 Heart Sun-Glasses3

Medicine Pouch

Wow . I wanted to leave my ears open . As soon as you let that go . SPACE . And letting go . But you already decided to change things up . This is your foundation . That is why its difficult . 5 is change . Shift focus . You can’t help but feel like ‘God damn’ ! Turn it into something really good ! Its a process . Yeah . You know . You know . You know whats up . Not wondering . You know you had to walk away . Its a big transformation . Transformation of spirit . You have to accept whats there . So recognize ! You decided to be authentic . While also deciding to trust . This situation is true to you . Like a dog and a wolf howling at the moon . Be a FOOL . Trust in yourself . Really trust yourself .

OB Feb. 16th 2:46pm

Medicine Pouch1