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The voice of a SHE…

Last night was our last performance of SHE…on the tip of her tongue, and I can’t believe its over. No more practice, no more selling tickets…its kind of funny when you focus on finishing something and then its over, just like that and you wish you had more time to live it. The journey was so amazing, spending time with 10 authentic, loving, light bringing SHEs…I am so blessed to have been a part of such a powerful project. Its been awhile since I have been on stage (a few high school plays and a short debut as Robbilicious is my only experience with being in the spotlight) and its been something new, something right in line with my life lessons, my voice will be heard. My voice. SHEs speak from the heart, I have never been to a show where sharing exactly whats in your heart, for the purpose of empowering and healing the people of the world and our beautiful mother earth.  It was big, it is a movement, a movement of energy and love has been activated and we will do everything in our power to fuel the fire that we started with this project.

  I was honored to be a part of this creation, I have learned so much from our time together as sisters, so much inspiration and love was shared. Next time the journey to get to our result will be filled with love in so many new and more potent ways, the focus will be more in tune with the vibration of healing we are sending out to the universe in even more amazing ways, because we have been blessed with this experience and now we know what it is. collective love is a powerful thing! When it is handled with grace and honesty from the truest place, transformations happen. Love happens. The journey of knowing oneself is beautiful and slow. Hearing my own voice, not just hearing it but knowing the energy it can bring, knowing I am free to express my self in my own most true ways feels…big. These sisters came together and held space for each other to be free. The support is esincial…prefect and in line with all of the data points on my path, in line with the universe and the love vibration we are striving for. When we stop pushing against the current, when we let love decide our movement, the learning never stops. Your heart speaks with strength. When you are in the flow and your blessing cups are overflowing with the waters of love, inspiration happens, every being in your presence can be filled with that vibration!  love happens all the time, in every kind of relationship there is love. people explode with love and the only way to live, the only way to heal is to be in it so deep it is the only thing you live. Knowing your self is the biggest part of love. Be in love with yourself! The golden cord in the center of our selves radiates the most potent medicine for our own being. We can heal our selves with love and joy is the only thing that remains. The sacred elements have been invoked in each of us and this life is full of ancient wisdom swimming right over our heads, our crowns dipping into the cool ocean of truth, right on the tips of our tongues, waiting to pour forth in a powerful movement of love. To know the voice inside your heart is to know that wisdom. Only you can know what you know, only you can share whats in your heart. Only you can make your self whole. I give thanks for my sweet tribe family, for the space we hold for each other, the openness and love that illuminates our path to the higher self.

The Fire…

SHE has a flame at the center of her, in everything she is, every cell, every movement, every voice inside of her burns bright, untouched by the little flame. It fuels her, it dances in its little spot, so mysterious and changing, wordless and illogical, her flame burns clean, smokeless, and clear. If she holds in her sight this crystal ball which is a single piece of her being, the flame and the life water creates universes, IS LIFE. She lets that flame burn, dance and confuse her with unimaginable truth, make her mind scream with frustration at the burning love she can’t possibly understand. It is wordless. The no mind. Her dream reality is twisted and stretched beyond her personal limits. Her little flame is lost in this outlined tunnel of collective dream creations. She is so good at taking the parts that make sence and smashing them into her reality, so much smoke in the vision of now, the search for the fire is endless, hard and dull and joyless. But its burning, let the sky inside exist. The flame can light her sky, it is the background of love. Her dream reality can be open, open fully, bravely. Thats where the other universes live, the space between her lips and yours, in the moment of slow recognized empty space, between her lips and yours. That is where new galaxies are born, the threads of life and be gently, softly, repositioned, nourished. That heavy space is filled with the flame inside of her, inside of you, your own wordless flame in this life of sky, with the Pele plume pushing the burning light into every eternal space…and the smoke is rising.

 Everywhere I turn, life is speaking to me. I have opened myself to the will of love and I know it is endless. The love will never stop. So many imprints in my mind, so many worldly attachments, unnecessary arguments and skewed perspectives can be dissolved. When you are living deep in the ocean of love those things cannot exist. The hangups and the  mindfucks and the judgments can be dropped…throw them into the earth fire under our roots, deep into our mother and let them rise up as healing light, illuminating the path for our brothers and sisters. To know that you are all you have is a scary taught in the dream of society. Where we are taught to fear being open, taught to fear ourselves. The tools to find true love are all around us when we are open to ourselves. Every meeting with another life is sacred, every voice heard is a lesson, every movement of the trees is encouragement, every breath of wind is healing, every drop of rain is a blessing. Live in thanks and you live in love. Soak in your blessings and be open to letting them unfold. Be open to letting your self unfold, hear your own voice and trust it. The flow of life will caress you in all of the ways that you crave, like no other person or experience can give you. Sharing my voice with my sisters, giving thanks with them has been a heart activation, an amazing blessing that can be shared with our tribe. Give thanks.