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Baby Blanket Love

I just started my first baby blanket/sidesleeper cover. We have decided to wait to see if the baby is a boy or girl, so I am going with bright jewel tones, beautiful rainbow colors for our beautiful rainbow light baby!

Its basically one big granny square. I am using thick, super soft yarn, I only have purple and green right now, but I will get more colors once I get to Washington (ha I am stuck in a free hotel, thanks to the airport, just until tonight, one day to chill and do nothing but wait for a plane in Honolulu ..my flight was late yesterday and I missed the connector flight to Bellingham…I might run out of yarn!)


Simple Crochet Hats

I have been staying busy, crocheting like crazy. We have decided to move from the beautiful Big Island back to (still beautiful) Washington. We are expecting my first little one in August and we want to have the baby and live in Washington for awhile.  The morning sickness has stopped (yay!) and I have had a lot of time to just relax and crochet all I want…here are some new hats I have made…I will be making some baby things soon, I will try and post patterns too. Usually I am just making it up as I go, so its hard to post patterns, but I have really appreciated it when I can find good crochet blogs with the patterns, so I will try and return the love! (a great crochet blog I just found…http://crochetingthedayaway.blogspot.com/)