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Photos from the SHE performance Feb. 2013

Beautiful sisters.


Saturn Return…BLESS

Feb 20th was my birthday, I turned 28. Starting my Saturn Return pregnant, moving across the ocean, madly in love, full of the tides and the moon and Pele’s blessing. We are excited to start this new chapter, to be with family, and receive multitudes of beautiful blessed abundance. I am so grateful to my amazing Island family, I have been blessed by you, received so much knowledge and strength, and experienced truly otherworldly things with you. I will carry the love and ALOHA with me always. I cant thank you all enough, my sweet brothers and sisters. The Aina will call us back, and I will see you again. My sweet Pele sister…my love for you cannot be expressed. Thank you for a beautiful last night with you, thank you for stealing all the tarot cards at the beach, thank you for bringing me and my Love together in the strongest ways. MAHALO

Aloha Ke Akua

Bird Woman

Bird Woman


yummy birthday smells

yummy birthday smells

The ocean gave this ONE card back to us. LOVE.

The ocean gave this ONE card back to us. LOVE.


Green Life

This guy was hanging out all day at my house…lace wings and truth eyes. love.buggie


Weekly Photo Challenge: Happy

Lovely Lace.

More shots for Cherish


Iris Eve for Cherish

Goddess….dressed by a goddess…love.Check out Iris Eve on face book,  she is an amazing musician, and has been working on the Big Island as a makeup artist for photoshoots, contact her for details!



Amazing creations by Amberay Light.



Ohmdala Gardens!

The Rainbow at Night…love on every station!

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On Monday night, Joe, Robbie, and I drove into Hilo so that I could perform with a few musicians at the Hilo Ava Bar on the Bayfront. Iris and I were supposed to play together but she came down with a fever and asked me to hold it down. You never know who’s going to show up for a gig to watch you, and how many people will be there, or if it will be worth your time. That’s the beauty of being a musician. You do it for the love. Dave, the owner of the Ava Bar was super kind and decided that he was going to get us “saturated.” He poured bowl after bowl of Ava and told us it was for “our tribe.” Adrian, an amazing musician who can play anything, and Eric, another amazing musician who can play anything, were both there. Kahalee (spelling might be wrong) is another musician who wasn’t there when we started but showed up later, right on time. We freestyled for a bit, then played our own original works, rotating throughout the night as more and more people stopped in because they could here our music from the street outside. By the end of the night we were all there playing in front of a full house on a Monday night, for no other reason but to play. Its fun being around musicians and taking the time to share what you do with others, especially when the owner and the listeners are all on board with respect and love for what you do. When there is a mutually encouraging environment, people bring the best parts of themselves, and that’s what happened Monday night. It was the first time my brother Joe had tasted Ava, and it was the first time Robbie and I drank so much Ava that by the end of the night, we were saturated. We were tipped well and taken care of which was just a perk after having so much fun playing music with one another and enjoying each others songs. Each one of us heard the other person play and took away new and interesting ways to talk about the spirit. We all have our own style, and by rotating, I feel like it really kept the crowd interested and feeling like what they were witnessing was special. And it was. I knew the full moon was only a couple of days away and I would be doing a similiar show at the Ava bar in Kalapana at Uncle Roberts on Wednesday. We drove home that night excited to do the same thing two days later, but with different people, in a different venue, on the full moon.



After attaching the wings from a light trike to poles so that we could use it as an awning over our yert’s deck we started getting ready for the full moon and the evening ahead. See the pictures of the wings, if you see the yert with the wings attached it looks like a flying house, and that’s what it felt like last night, like the three of us, Robbie and my brother, were flying through time and space on the full moon. We had brought a coconut, some tobacco, a little tequila, some job’s tears, a lilikoi passion flower, and a smashed penny from the train track back in Washington St. as offerings to Pele, the spirit of the island, and the spirit of the volcano, on               the full moon. My brother hasn’t introduced himself to Pele yet, and it seemed like the right time. After we left Uncle Robert’s I gave a few tarot readings, got some herb and loot on donation, and then drove to Kahena to kill some time. There are usually people guarding the entrance to the Lava field where you can go and visit Pele on the full moon, and you have to go later in the night when they are gone and it’s darker. A friend of mine had posted a picture of a night rainbow on facebook earlier in the day and the three of us were talking about how cool it would be to see a night rainbow. The three of us meditated, asked life to show us a night rainbow, because we had never seen one before, and then hung out at Kahena waiting for the night to fall. We met an awesome sister who has studied dolphins and works on helping people understand different levels of communication. She explained that the dolphins communicated through pictures and that they told their stories through visualizations. She reminded us that we can visualize all of the words that we use through pictures in our mind, and if we begin to communicate a series of pictures to express an idea, we are now finding the first steps of non-verbal communication. To speak without words, and understand one another, I believe, is a real key in knowing that we are coming into the next level of consciousness. What this beautiful woman shared with us, was the first steps for me to understand how to do that. On the full moon, on a beautiful beach, we received an amazing download. She thanked me for my tarot reading and gave us some herb, or as she called it. “light.” We were thankful and walked up the rock steps to the parking lot so that we could head to Kalapana, and give our offerings to Pele under the light of the full moon. When we arrived there was still some security so we told them we were visiting some friends that live on the lava and they told us to drive through. There are a few houses that are on the edge of the lava flow near the ocean, and we knew someone who used to live there, which is why we knew to pretend that we weren’t just going to see the lava. We parked, smoked some herb, waited for any tourists and security to leave, and hoped for the moon to make an appearance. It was already dark but there were a lot of clouds in the sky and we didn’t want to walk along the lava rock in the dark. Right when we decided to leave the moon came out from behind the clouds and started shining on the three of us. As we walked past the barriers that tourists aren’t allowed to cross in the daytime we looked up, and saw, almost all at the same time, the most amazing arch across the sky. The rain was barely falling, and the moon was full, and here, in the middle of the night, was a “rainbow.” A NIGHT RAINBOW!!!!! We all looked at each other, incredulous, even though life keeps on showing that it is there for us to experience, and everything is possible, we still couldn’t believe that we were all actually looking at a night rainbow for the first time. It was a beautiful evening. We walked to a sweet spot, gave our offerings, thanked Pele, and thanked Life for the Love that it always shows, and walked back to the car, watching as the NightBow still shined through the dark sky. We took some more pictures, almost hesitant to leave because it was still there. Eventually we drove back home, talking excitedly the whole way about our evening. Tarot readings and herb, kickdowns and rainbows in the night. Pele and offerings, and of course, knowing that we’re home.