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Ocean Fairies and the Sea Lion Adventure

Isis and Daynin. Me and Robbie. Four souls connected by our love for life and our love for each other. We happened upon a Sea Lion that the locals had said ended up stranded on Sunset Cliffs the night before because it was sick. Some reps from Sea World had come down and said they would be back at night to try a rescue when the tide was lower. The four of us could see the sea lion, who the locals had named Sandy, was obviously sick. We all got close to the ground and sent Sandy our energy and our love. Tapping into the Universal Love around us, straight through our crown Chakra, through our hands and right to Sandy. After about five minutes the sea lion began to move and headed for the water. The locals were watching us send energy and said that they hadn’t seen Sandy move since it was stranded. They thanked us for our “magic” and we hoped that Sandy would find his/her way. Although the sea lion didn’t make it past the tides and back into the ocean, it did appear to be in better spirits once it returned to its rock.

We ventured on and had fun along Newport doing things that all kids love. BBQ and candy. Can’t go wrong! We enjoyed ourselves until the nighttime parade started. Instead of lining up along the street with everyone else we decided to watch the parade from the pier. We played with glow sticks and watched for ocean fairies. We were rewarded when we all saw the lights in the giant waves running under the pier. The waves were some of the largest San Diego experiences all year and we could feel the rumbling of the ocean beneath our feet. With hugs and love we enjoyed an amazing day full of the love we all have for each other.
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Conflict is Growth

Robbie and I arrived in San Diego today. At 1:00 AM we exited the
downtown Amtrak station and made our way to the hostel two blocks
down. We had been traveling for 16 hours after several months of
non-stop farm work. After checking in we made love and fell blissfully
asleep. The morning gave way to the concrete enclaves of the city’s
corporate center. Robbie and I live in Hawaii and this is the first
major city we have woken up to in a while. Up before nine and
fortunate enough to witness the bagel/coffee rush of every color and
every gender. This is what the mad rush is all about. Got to get that
money. Got to keep the economic balance of the world humming. Each
person doing the best they can for themselves and their families.
People who work hard to accomplish whatever goals they may have set
for themselves. So here’s the game, here’s the game board, and here’s
the game pieces. Its fun to see, and sad to see, and easy to see and
hard to see.

Energy is everything. Energy is real.

Life is really amazing
We can really trust it
and the Moon is real

The cab arrived and took us to our sweet vacation bungalow in Ocean
Beach. I lived in San Diego for almost four years. My daughter was
born here in an inspired home birth rife with blood, a mother in law,
a granny in law, and absolute love. I haven’t been back since 2005.
Seven years ago I had been skating with my daughter (she was about a
year and half fer ya slow math fuckers) down Newport Ave on a long
board. Her back to the front and my hands holding her tight. Every
time i pushed off to get speed I pushed off with purpose. Not too much
speed but definitely enough to make it fun (FIND THAT LINE!). Me and my
daughter rockin’ it on a long board. Proud papa at the age of 26.
Everybody knew her name. I was just Isis’s Dad.
So when Robbie and I rolled into Ocean Beach today, every memory and
every moment of my experience here came rushing into me. MMMMMM!!!!!
Gotta say… I love this spot. Lots of good people. Wonderful

Energy is everything. Energy is real


Life is really amazing
We can really trust it
and the Moon is real

So yes. Back to the blog. Super chill. The place we rented, it’s
wonderful, golden, and yummy. Just like today. Just remodeled!

The guy who runs the four bungalow quadrant that is the staple of
architectural design in the ocean beach community happens to be a
right on brother, and when the people who run shit happen to be real,
well then, PRAISE BE! So we’re super happy with the spot we rented for
out for the next two weeks. A sweet spot to kick it with my babies
before we head back to the Big Island.Isis and Daynin. 9 and 7. My
sweet beautiful babies.

Their Mom Lindsay picked me up and drove me to see them at the end
of their school day. I got to meet Daynin’s teacher and she told me
how excited he was to know that I was coming today. In all honesty
it’s been almost three years since we’ve held each other, and
conversations over the phone only hold so much weight. I was so
happy to hold them. I was so happy to see that they were going to a
great school, living in a great place, and seeing what a great job
their mom has done.

We picked up Robbie and headed for the Ocean Beach farmers market held
every Wednesday on the main strip. We bought vegetables, ate pizza and
finished off the night with some frozen yogurt. The five of us brought
love and peace and fun into an otherwise awkward situation. We enjoyed
each others company and I got to talk crochet with my kids because
they go to an awesome Waldorf school.

Life is really amazing
We can really trust it
and the Moon is real
Robbie and I are enjoying our short walk from the bungalow to the beach. A long set of stairs leads down to the cliff side where pictures, phrases and names have all been carved into the soft sand surface of Sunset Cliffs. The cliffs have tons of different spots to get close to the water and thank mother ocean. The waves were incredible today. Robbie mentioned the lunar eclipse. Who knows, I would love to know more about how tides and eclipses really effect the ocean. We have been enjoying our short walk to Newport Ave and can’t wait to see more. The trip has just begun and it has already been magical. Robbie found a piece of green amber jewelry and the air has been filled with cosmic patience and infinite understanding. The kids will be staying with us for the weekend. Robbie and I can’t wait.

Life is really amazing
We can really trust it
and the Moon is real